Internet celebrity shares his worst blind date experience on Snap Original, ‘Phone Swap India’


How would you feel going on a blind date? Nervous, excited? What if you then had to hand over your phone so your date can take a look around? Most of us would outright refuse! Dating isn’t easy, but someone looking through your phone is a whole different ball game. ‘Phone Swap India’ is a new Snap Original series where two people do just that – are unexpectedly made to trade phones on a blind date. After doing so, they then decide if they want to go on a second date. In this week’s episode, out on Saturday, influencer Faisal Shaikh aka Mr. Faisu shares his worst blind date experience with Nishtha, his date. Find out whether a second date is on the cards, only on Snapchat Discover.

Speaking about his experience, Faisal said, “When I found out I had to hand over my phone, I couldn’t believe it! I was a bit worried about what she might find in my dms and my browser history, but it’s such a fun and out of the box way to get to know someone. I hope Snapchatters enjoy watching my date with Nishtha on this episode of Phone Swap India and hearing about my worst ever blind date experience.” 


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