Reliance Securities creates new earnings opportunities in financial services via its digital platform amidst COVID 2.0


The ‘Rojgar Mela’ initiative has been curated to help individuals kickstart their businesses and expand their income prospects

–       Individuals can earn Rs 1-2 lakh per month and more even while working from home through the completely digital platform provided by Reliance Securities.

By joining Reliance Securities as a Business Associate or  an exchange-registered Business Partner, all the affiliates get the unique opportunity to leverage its best and the most hi-tech end-to-end digital infrastructure to reach out to current and potential investors across the length and breadth of the country with the widest array of investment and trading products across equities, derivatives, currency, IPOs, wealth management solutions, insurance products, mutual funds, bonds, and corporate FDs amongst others. Right from client onboarding, to investing through mobile and web-based desktop interfaces, data analytics support from the connected data repository and continuous customer engagement – the affiliates will be able to operate completely digitally once they become a part of Reliance Securities.

The end-to-end and completely digital platform of Reliance Securities, which facilitates completely digital Partner Empanelment, Digital Client Acquisition, Client Servicing, Partner Trading and back office support, has propelled it to the position of the fastest growing and leading financial services firm in the country with over 1 million customers and a presence across more than 1500 locations across the country.

According to Lav Chaturvedi, ED&CEO, Reliance Securities, “In the current times of uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, financial intermediation can be a limitless, stable and steady income source for individuals even while working from home. This is especially true because of the immense growth potential in this profession as currently only 3-4% of India’s population invests in financial products and there is room to grow this base many times over with the growth expected in India’s stock markets, India’s GDP target of $5 trillion and the rise in the upwardly mobile middle-class that is willing to invest in financial products.”

Through the Rojgar mela, individuals interested in making a career in financial intermediation will be provided with the basic mantras for running a successful business, they can be a part of the Q&A sessions with experts and also join the sessions with industry experts in business building.

For more information on Rojgar Mela, one can follow us on Facebook or visit our website   to register today.


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