COMBAT SECOND WAVE – BY PADAMSHRI DR. MOHSIN WALI Lions Club Delhi Veg of district 321-A1 has organised an informative session with Padamshri Dr. Mohsin Wali (Cardiologist & Former Physician to 3 Presidents of India)


Lion Nargis Gupta the District Governor welcomed all the guests.

Dr. Wali advised to start medicines immediately after symptoms appear and not wait for tests as the second wave covid spreads to the lungs faster than before and by the time test reports come, damage has already been done. He also advised for healthy diet. Eating clean and light is the key. Vegetables and fruits and light meals should be preferred. Protein rich foods like mushroom, egg and soya to be added to the diet.
He answered the queries of several members. It was wonderful interactive and informative session.
The session was moderated by Lion Gaurav Gupta (Charter President).
Lion Tejpal Singh Khillan informed all about the oxgen concentrator bank being setup by District 321-A1 for which 20 concentrators have already been ordered. The dedicated team will monitor and deliver the concentrator to the needy.


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