Arzutraa becomes the first Indian Singer to launch the purest organic skincare brand in the world ‘Arzutraa Beauty UK’.

Dubai, UAE, March 1, 2016. British-born Bollywood singer Tripet Garielle who is in Dubai to record songs and a new video. Victor Besa for The National. Reporter: Rob Garratt Arts & Life

British Asian Pop Star Arzutraa is one of the most popular names in the music industry and has recently created a record by being the only Indian singer to launch two albums in one year. Revealing another big passion aside from the music, the Singer announced on her social media pages about her next ambitious project ‘Arzutraa Beauty UK’.Arzutraa Beauty UK will be the purest luxury cosmetics brand in the world with no artificial ingredients. Harnessed with the benefits of organic ingredients to produce 100 percent effective, chemical free hair and skin products, all products are made in England using unique proprietary formulas. Speaking about this new venture, founder & Singer Arzutraa says, “Hair has always been a secret love of mine. Nobody knew except my close friends and family. This brand is born from my lifelong obsession for hair.”With Arzutraa Beauty UK, Arzutraa plans on introducing us to products that will help us grow our hair organically & empower us by providing a free online magazine helping to educate on everyday health and wellness. “I wish other brands did more than just sell their products. I want my customers to be equipped with the knowledge to take charge of their own beauty needs without relying on anyone else.”


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