In a unique initiative, the Delhi Metro is organizing a campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination against Covid – 19 at DMRC’s construction sites across the National Capital Region (NCR).

As part of this week-long campaign, a series of Nukkad Nataks (Street Plays) targeting small groups with a limited number of workers, are being organized at the construction sites since last Wednesday. Social distancing and all other protocols are being carefully ensured during these shows. Approximately 3,000 workers are expected to be covered under this awareness initiative.

Professional artists who work in commercial movies, TV shows and web series have been roped in to perform Nukkad Nataks. Since most of the workers come from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, the shows are designed and written in different dialects spoken in rural parts of these states, so that the workers understand it better.

Popular folk songs from these regions are being used in these shows where the actors also interact with the workers. Informative leaflets about vaccination benefits are also being distributed among the workers. All relevant information about the benefits of vaccination have been compiled in a very lucid manner in Hindi.

In addition, as part of the campaign, a short film will also be made and will be shared on social media accounts of DMRC. The short film will also be shared with the workers on mobiles so that it can reach a larger audience.

Approximately, 3,200 workers are currently working at DMRC’s construction sites across Delhi-NCR. The number is gradually increasing as the lockdown restrictions are lifted. DMRC contractors are in touch with the workers to create the necessary confidence in them for their return to work in safe working conditions. Those workers who stayed back during the lockdown were provided with accommodation, food and medical supplies as per requirement.

Vaccination drives have already been conducted at some of DMRC’s construction sites. DMRC authorities are in touch with the local administrations and private healthcare providers to organize more vaccination drives at construction sites.


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