The dog was thrashed to death by a group for resting under one of their boats


In a spine-chilling case of animal cruelty, a pet dog in the state of Kerala in India was brutally beaten to death by a group of youths at a beach on Monday.

Labrador was mercilessly beaten to death by three youths at the Adimalathura beach in the Vizhinjam region of Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala. The horrific crime came to light after one of Bruno’s owners shared a clip of the attack on a social medium platform.

Following the event coming to light, netizens and celebrities alike took to social media condemning the ruthless attack and seeking justice. The perpetrators are said to have been arrested and released on bail.


According to reports, the youths carried out the brutal attack on the canine for allegedly sleeping under the boat of one of the accused. In the 1 minute 30-second long clip, which has now been widely circulated across social media platforms, the animal can be seen helplessly hanging by his neck from the side of the boat on a fishhook. A youngster can be seen repeatedly thrashing the incapacitated dog with a heavy stick till his body goes lifeless and limp.

Conflicting reports state that the murder was captured on camera by a witness who shared the clip with Christuraj, one of the siblings. While some reports claim that the video was made by one of the accused. What is certain is that the clip made its way to Christuraj who shared the video of his pet being meted with unspeakable barbarity with the hope of seeing justice for Bruno’s slaying. Reportedly, the police refrained from taking any action despite a complaint being filed.


“We came to know that they were burying the matter with the help of o of the relatives employed at coastal police station nearby. We felt we wouldn’t get justice and we took to Facebook so that everyone would know what happened to our Bruno,” told Sony P, one of the siblings,

They have filed a complaint at the Vizhinjam Police Station. However, no action was taken against the youths and an FIR was not filed. A case was eventually registered after local NGOs intervened and prevented the burying of the incident.

Inspector G Ramesh, station house officer, stated that a case covering sections pertinent to animal cruelty has been lodged. “However, we have not taken the accused into custody yet as it turns out that the offenders, the youth seen in the video attacking the dog, are all under the age of 18 years,”

According to the latest report, the three youngsters were finally arrested on 1 July 2021. It stated that two of the youth have been identified as Sunil Ayyan and Sylvester, with only the last one being a 17-year-old juvenile. They were later released on bail, the report added. The police have said that the reason behind Bruno’s slaying was enmity between the family and the accused.


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