World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17 July, it is an annual unofficial holiday


Emojis are a great way to express yourself on chats in WhatsApp, on Instagram and on Twitter. People found it very difficult to express themselves online before emojis. You might think emojis to mean and express one thing but in reality they can express another thing altogether. People’s love for emoticons on Twitter in India is evident through the volume of conversation around #WorldEmojiDay in 2020, where 695K conversations from 146K unique authors in India alone were recorded, with 93 per cent positive/neutral sentiments. In 2021, on the #WorldEmojiDay again, the social media giant has come up with a list of emojis, which were the most reflective of the thoughts and moods of the Twitteratis  . Whereas many days of celebration tend to celebrate the actual day that something was invented or created, emojis are celebrated on July 17 for quite a unique and appropriate reason – it is the only date that has its own emoji. July 17 is the date identified on the calendar emoji, with World Emoji Day being celebrated on this day every year since it was first founded by Jeremy Burge in 2014.


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