Pushpa’s protective instincts kick-in to protect Rashi from blackmail in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible


Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) has wedged herself into audience’s hearts and minds ever since the show began. Currently we witness Pushpa’s youngest child, Rashi (Deshna Dugad), entangled in a web of problems and yet again she is there to stand up for her daughter and get her out of this mess. Hiding from her family, Rashi attends a party secretly, not realizing that Aryan is stalking her, and clicks a picture of her while she’s pretending to hold a beer bottle. Aryan uses this picture to blackmail Rashi, as payback for ignoring him. Fearing that the picture will be circulated and embarrass her family, a horrified Rashi tries to talk him out of it. Unable to persuade him into deleting the image, she thinks she has no option but to skip school and agree to his demand to meet him as a means to make amends for ignoring him.

What will Pushpa do when she gets to know that her teenage daughter is being blackmailed and how will she deal with it?

 Deshna Dugad who plays Rashi shares, “Stalking, clicking pictures without consent and blackmailing is a crime which many people take lightly. And many don’t even inform others if they are facing these problems and silently suffer. It can be extremely traumatic for the victim. In the show, Rashi suffering quietly and trying to deal with the problem alone, which is a very common but unfortunate behavior of victims. I hope through our show we can encourage victims to be brave and confide in their friends and family and tackle the issue with their help!”

 Adding to this, Karuna Pandey portraying Pushpa comments, “Such crimes don’t only affect the victim but also those around them. It is an invasion of privacy of not only the victim but also their family and friends. In such situations it’s necessary that they don’t just speak to their close ones, they should also lodge a complaint with the police as not doing so will only increase the confidence of the perpetrator in committing such crimes. Also, you never know how many such victims will fall prey to these crimes if you don’t try to stop it. So please, if you are a victim of blackmail, stalking or any such crimes, don’t suffer silently and don’t be afraid, fight back.”

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