TV Serial Mithai completes hundred episode mark and is running on its own independent plot


Zee TV show ‘Mithai’, created by Arvind Babbal, revolves around Mithai, who is an Indian Hindi language television serial that is getting a lot of attention for its unique characters and the story plot twist. With a cast like Debmata Saha and Aashsih Bharadwaj, the show has certainly left a mark in people’s hearts. With its release on 4th April,2022,

The show ‘Mithai’ has reached its 100th episode milestone and are excited to celebrate this success along with their cast and crew! When we asked Aashish Bhardwaj, who plays the role of Siddharth,on his reaction as the series reached its 100th episode mark, He mentioned,  “It feels really great! This journey felt like it was going at light speed. It was just a couple of weeks back we were shooting the first episode and now we have already exceeded the 100 episode mark. It feels really humbling and the bond with everyone is so strong and we just keep becoming stronger and stronger and more like an extended family on set’’.

Aashish about if the show is going through its biggest high-point and his experience working on the show, he mentions “I, honestly, am always very excited, in general. Like, I’m jumping around! I love the way the story is shaping up and there are so many twists and turns and there’s so much of surprises for the audience and even we as characters sometimes get surprised when we read the script and the screenplay So, all-in-all the experience is exciting.” His special message to the fans is “Keep giving love to the show Mithai. There’s so much more you will get to know about the characters!”


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