“Information and Broadcasting Ministry should take strict steps to stop obscenity on social media”- Paramjit Singh Pamma


Hundreds of National Akali Dal members, headed by National Akali Dal women’s wing, under the chairmanship of the National President Paramjit Singh Pamma, demanded a ban on pornographic content on social media and coaxed the government to take strict action against companies and organisations that publicize obscene content via social media platforms. The members staged a fierce demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.
Bhavna Dhawan, the national president of the women’s wing, senior vice president Neeru Sehgal, vice president Sarabjit Kaur, general secretary Madhu Sharma, Delhi State President Kuldeep Singh Marwa, Daljeet Singh Chaggar, Jasbir Singh Sarna, and Balwinder Singh Sarna, I.P Bedi, Trilochan Singh, Surjeet Singh Nayyar were present at Jantar Mantar under the chairmanship of . A sizable contingent of attendees, including Ruby Jindal, Rupali Soni, Sona Batra, Daljit Singh Chaggar, Irfan Ansari, Renu Bahli, Suman Tomer, and others, openly spoke out against obscenity on social media platforms and the idea that kids should not be permitted to use social media. “Don’t play with our future” and many more similar slogans were raised.
According to a memorandum delivered by Paramjit Singh Pamma on behalf of The Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Shri Anurag Thakur ji, the amount of pornographic content on social media is growing out of control. On different social media sites, nudity and profanity are on the rise. The national government needs to act decisively in this direction. With having a severe impact on our younger generation , it leads to an increase in the rate of crimes against women and children, and corrupts the moral fabric of the society at large.
Pamma and Bhavna Dhawan sought the establishment of a censor board to police such obscene content and severe guidelines for all social media platforms ordering the removal of all posts containing such content and forbidding any future posting.All the demonstrators, including Neeru Sehgal, Sarabjit Kaur, and Madhu Sharma, asked the government to take strict legal action against such criminals and to implement the strictest social media rules possible to make such mischievous elements fear the law.


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