Throan of Art Productions, a globally established name, is a collective of creative minds who are on a mission to help brands find their unique space in the digital world. The team’s strength lies in their shared expertise in building brands from the scratch and the ability to deliver global exposure through its operations in Florida, USA under the name Throan of Art LLC. Backed by their global standing of
contented clients spread across Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Amsterdam and London, TOA’s aim is to diversify their Indian operations and help enrich ‘Desi’ brands by creating a global solution with their unconventional vision. TOA is the brainchild of Thomson Andrews, a creative genius who has been making great strides in the entertainment industry over the last 12 year. He has always made
heads turn as a popular pop-Bollywood playback singer-songwriter, influencer, anchor and performer. Thomson has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry and has had the opportunity to touch some of the most iconic brands with the magic of his creativity. His understanding of brands and their needs is the driving force behind TOA. Over the past two years, TOA and its spirited creative team have been the reason behind the smiles of about 40 clients across 32 cities around the globe. They pride their expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Public Relations across 6 continents, Website Design and
Development, Branding and Designing, Video and Music Production, Video Editing,
VFX and Animation services.‘Throan of Art Productions’ rests on the crossroad of creativity, market research, technology and human insights. Their bespoke brand solutions are rooted in
thorough study of the market segment and competitors. They believe that the best form of creativity is when its impact can be seen through increased brand awareness and lead generation. Creativity for the sake of creativity is just not their way. Brands need to create moments of awe and astonishment in the lives of their customers. That’s the magic that TOA promises to bring. There is no secret potion in real life but a robust plan, an energetic team and diligent
creativity can definitely make brands sings. This creative media agency assures to
give your brand that edge over the competition and to be a one-stop solution for all
your brand building needs.


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