Master the Art of goal setting and create a great 2024 with India’s Foremost Coach, Gaurav Bhagat, at the Rule 2024 Workshop!


With an aim to empower one’s journey from tiny to 10X wins in the realm of not only sales but life, the workshop featured one of India’s leading Sales Coach and Trainer, Mr. Gaurav Bhagat. Renowned as the sole licensee of Grant Cardone’s Way of 10X in India, Bhagat is celebrated for his expertise in transforming individuals into dynamic professionals.This edition of Rule 2024, a brainchild of Bhagat, unfolded as an enriching experience, delving into the intricacies of crafting a phenomenal 2024. All the participants began their journey with morning tea and networking, setting the tone for a day full of immersive learning and splendid conversations towards achieving the power of the 10X formula.Speaking about the third edition of Rule 2024, Gaurav Bhagat, Leading Sales Coach, Trainer and Founder of The Gaurav Bhagat Academy, said, “The Rule series of workshops happen only once a year and is our most impactful for creating lasting change for our participants”.

The workshop featured two in-depth sessions, each followed by engaging lunchtime conversations. Attendees had the unique opportunity to reflect on the strategies that did not work in 2023 and gained insights into charting a successful course for the upcoming year. The event provided ample opportunities for professionals to connect and share experiences during tea breaks and a dedicated networking session with Gaurav Bhagat himself. The evening session was another high point, culminating in a third impactful session. As the day progressed, attendees witnessed a prize-giving ceremony, recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements. The day concluded with a photograph gala, capturing the camaraderie and shared commitment to achieving monumental success in 2024.



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