18 Solitaire launches Its First Express Store in Indirapuram.


18 Solitaire reveals its first retail store, backed by Innovations Venture Studio Love and diamonds have long been linked together, whispering promises and marking milestones, in the sparkling saga of 18 Solitaire’s outlet launch. This rising star in the world of magnificent jewellery embarked on a radiating journey of expansion, backed by the expertise and vision of Innovations Venture Studio, a renowned investment firm.

18 Solitaire unveiled its retail program with a launch event that glittered as brightly as its diamonds. This wasn’t just about opening stores; it was about opening doors to dreams, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to become co-owners in a legacy built on the foundation of “With Love, With Diamonds.”

Ishank Sahadeva, Founder of 18 Solitaire said, “The launch of our retail program marks an exciting new chapter for 18 Solitaire. We are delighted to be working with the exceptional team at Innovations Venture Studio, whose guidance and expertise will help us bring our beautiful diamonds and jewelry to aspiring business owners across the country.

Manish Khurana, Founder of Innovations Venture Studio said, “We are thrilled to support 18 Solitaire in their retail launch and expansion. Their stunning yet ethical jewelry and focus on empowering entrepreneurs perfectly align with our values at Innovations.

Owning an outlet is about becoming an owner of moments, a weaver of memories that shine. Innovations Venture Studio supports their growth, bringing meaningful luxury experiences to communities. “Where there is love, every diamond finds its perfect setting, transforming dreams into reality.” – 18 Solitaire


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