MX TakaTak influencer Veerangna Nainway uses her earnings from this short format video app to teach underprivileged kids for free!


Veerangna has become a beacon of change for every young influencer out there. Her videos are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of happiness and hope for underprivileged kids who are utilising the skills they have learnt from her to build a digital career themselves.

Talking about the same, JD said “Veerangna and I had gone to train for a school annual event, and the kids seemed interested in learning from us thereafter. The Principal inquired about our charges but much to our surprise, no one turned up. And that’s when we realised that there are so many kids who have the interest to learn but can’t afford special training.”

Veeerangna further added saying, “It’s after that day that Coach JD and I have been teaching kids for free –  kids who don’t come from a strong financial background, who want to learn, and upskill, but can’t. We want to create a future for kids who can’t do it themselves. It’s always been a dream to do this, we’ve been doing this since the past 4 years and MX TakaTak has supported this dream even further”.

The duo has trained over 50 kids till date.

MX TakaTak caters to over 100Mn Monthly Active Users and ranks #4 amongst the Breakout Social Apps 2020 in terms of Monthly Active Users in India as per the State of Mobile 2021 report by App Annie.


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