Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation to host First ever Global Conference ofMeditation leaders


Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, a non-profit and non-religious organization is hosting a two-day global conference for the meditation leaders on 24 – 25 February at the India Habitat Centre. The conference is aimed at leaders, influencers, and policymakers for discussing the importance of the relevance of meditation for everyone across age groups, cultures, and professions. Global conference of meditation leaders is expected to be attended by various decision makers, CEOs, policy makers and other stake holders across the globe.

The top dignitaries including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry; Padma Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan, Former Director, CBI, CRPF(Gol),Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Padma Bhushan Dr M.B.Athreya, Dr Raghavendra Rao, Dr Mohit Gupta and more have confirmed tospeak at theglobal conference.expected to be attended by more than 500 executives with 08 guided meditation sessions with more than 20 speakers speaking about the benefits of work-life balance with an aim to spread awareness about the significance of meditation in driving positive social change to leaders and decision makers in the government, education, healthcare, business and non-profit sectors.

During the two day sessions there will be various lectures, panel discussions and guided meditation sessions for a complete understanding of the procedures, benefits and science behind simple breath mindfulness meditation.

, Padma Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan, Former Director, CBI, NHRC, CRPF (Gol), said “Meditation creates harmony between our body, mind and soul. It improves the quality of our lives in all aspects.”

Further to which, Shri Chandra Pulamarasetti, Former Corporate Exec, Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation said “Meditation helps to reprogram our subconscious beliefs and creates a positive mindset.  It helps us to experience the unlimited quantum field of possibilities, and connect to everything that we inherently have in us.”