Rango Se Bhara Tyohaar, Holi Mein Sitare Rangne Ki Liye Taiyar!


Rango Se Bhara Tyohaar, Holi Mein Sitare Rangne Ki Liye Taiyar! Rango Se Bhara Tyohaar, Holi Mein Sitare Rangne Ki Liye Taiyar! 

In Mumbai, the city is lit with a riot of colours as it hosts numerous star-studded Holi gatherings, where people play Holi with their beloved actors. The joyous atmosphere of Holi fills my heart with happiness, and I extend warm wishes to everyone for a joyous Holi celebration!” Elaborating on Uttar Pradesh’s Holi Celebrations, Geetanjali Mishra, aka Rajesh Singh, from &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “Holi is one of the significant festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm in Uttar Pradesh. Interestingly, different parts of UP have unique rituals and celebrations. For instance, in Mathura, women playfully hit men with sticks during the famous “Lath Mar Holi” at the Radha Rani Temple while singing and chanting. Holi lasts seven colourful days in Kanpur and ends with the lively Ganga Mela fair. In Varanasi, also known as Shiv Nagri, Holi starts with Holika Dahan and Ganga Ghaat festivities, followed by cheerful, colourful gatherings. Enjoying Thandai and Gujia adds to the festive vibe. The grand scale and enthusiasm of these celebrations are truly captivating. I wish everyone a joyous Holi filled with happiness, health, and joy.” About celebrations in Madhya PradeshShubhangi Atre, Angoori in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “Madhya Pradesh is well-known for its lively Holi celebrations lasting for two consecutive days. Lighting bonfires organised by various temples mark the first day. On the second day, people celebrate the arrival of spring by throwing vibrant colours at each other and relishing traditional delicacies such as Gujiya and Laddoos. During the festivities, you will find melodic songs, energetic dance performances, and the rhythmic beats of the Dhol. The tribal communities of the state also celebrate Rang Panchami five days after Holi, which adds to the cultural richness of the festival. As a proud resident of Madhya Pradesh, I cherish these traditions and enjoy celebrating Holi with my loved ones.”

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