ALTBalaji’s latest entertainer “Hai Taubba” is here to slay social taboos, watch out!


ALTBalaji is all set for the most dramatic anthology of the year. A collection of four 1 hour episodes that will make you go ‘Hai Taubba!’. From talking about male sexuality at 40  to taboo love, ALTBalaji’s latest exclusive adult drama, Hai Taubba, is a compilation of 4 matured adult stories, each representing emotions symbolised by a distinct Color. The episodes titled black & white, yellow, dark chocolate and green. Each story deals with repressed guilt and social stigma. Love knows no boundaries, and it transcends age, gender, and everything in between. With ‘Hai Taubba’, the makers talk about how society reacts to the issues that we don’t talk about but are deeply ingrained in our lives. Taking a cue from the infamous saying, “Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna” which essentially means that people will have something or the other to say, no matter what. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of multiple stories. There’s forbidden love, breaking of social boundaries, and what not and all of it in one trailer. Now isn’t that groundbreaking disruptive! The trailer looks like a buffet with all the dishes with a taste that will leave one wanting more. The makers have ticked all the boxes, right from breaking stereotypes to serving heart-warming stories. All they want is you to is watch these stories sans judgment. Earlier in the day, the makers launched the poster of the show. The poster is a graphical representation of our society, and it speaks volumes. A pop-culture depiction of vibrant “chic” full of warm colours going ‘Hai Taubba’ while stalking through her binoculars is all it took for the makers to give us the feel and vibe of an edgy, disruptive drama.

The social media caption goes, “Welcome to the duniya of #HaiTaubba’s! Yahan bina kisi ki parwa kiye, we slay social taboos!

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Hai Taubba is a collection of stories, all having a common emotion of love. While they may be scandalizing for others, but one cannot deny that at the end of the day, love is love. And that is the spine of ALTBalaji’s latest drama Hai Taubba. The cast comprises promising faces like Gagan Anand, Sachin Khurana, Megha Mathur, Akshay Nab, Bhakti Maniyar, and others. The show is conceptualised by AltBalaji’s creative director Baljit Singh Chaddha. The show will stream exclusively on ALTBalaji from 6th May!


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