Mother’s Day Special: From Karisma Kapoor to Sushmita Sen – Moms on the digital screens who left an impact!


Mother’s day around the corner. This coming Sunday, the entire globe is going to celebrate
motherhood. Although there shouldn’t be a special day to honour your mother and make them
feel good, having a fabulous day doesn’t hurt anyone. Moreover, while we have often
celebrated some iconic mothers from the silver screen and the idiot box, let’s give an ode to
the moms from the digital world this year. OTT has given us several characters that have
marked a spot in our hearts in a short span, especially mothers. So let’s take a look at some
trendy moms from the digital world!
Meira Sharma, Mentalhood (ALTBalaji)

Played by Karisma Kapoor in ALTBalaji’s popular series Mentalhood, Meira Sharma was one of
the most relatable mother characters that we have seen in recent times. Most of the shows
depict mothers either as superheroes or someone with whom we could sympathize. However,
Meira is a multi-tasking mom trying to find the right balance in parenting, came out of the
blue and, was relatable to most millennial mothers. Via her blog, she took us to the topsy-
turvy world of motherhood and the struggle they have to go through while raising their
DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, Delhi Crimes (Netflix)

A fierce woman in force, and a strong pillar at home, there’s no best way to describe DCP
Vartika Chaturvedi’s character from Netflix’s Delhi Crimes. Shefali Shah’s earnest
performance got her applauds not from the critics but the masses as well. Vartika’s maternal
instincts, not just for her biological daughter but also for the female victims, are subtle but
impactful. The International Emmy Awards winner show had one of the most powerful
mothers in recent times.

Anuradha Kishore, Tandav (Amazon Prime)

Not all mothers are saints. Some have their flaws. However, Tandav’s Anuradha Kishore is one
of those mothers who will go to any extent for her child. The Amazon Prime series saw Dimple
Kapadia playing the character. Anuradha is greedy, cunning, and ready to play dirty politics to
ensure her son has a bright future. While many may disagree with her actions, one can’t deny
that her maternal instincts drove all her deeds.

Aarya Sareen, Aarya (Hotstar)

Sushmita Sen made a comeback as Aarya Sareen in Hotstar’s 2020 drama Aarya. She is a
caring mother and as simple as a mother can be. However, when her children are in danger,
she becomes ferocious. She runs a drug cartel and becomes a Mafia queen, yet her core lies
with her children. While it may not be the most relatable character, it was indeed a powerful


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