Pragya 2023: A Festival of Knowledge and Wisdom


Pragya 2023 sowed the seeds of wisdom and enlightenment during a groundbreaking event, marking India’s first international festival aimed at igniting individuals’ minds, invigorating their bodies, and harmonizing their breath. The panel of experts included Dr. Alok Chopra, Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Dr. Manjari, and Rama Behan from Brahmkumari, Mind Coach Vedisha Kaushal, Swami Lakshmi Narayan Ji, Medha Verma, and Girish Kulkarni. They enlightened the gathering and facilitated a deeper understanding of how to rekindle their relationships with themselves, their bodies, minds, and breath. The ceremony was held at O.P. Jindal Auditorium in New Delhi was concluded with the “Pragya in Switzerland” AV presentation and a documentary film, followed by refreshments. The event successfully brought together a vibrant community of individuals who prioritised health and self-care.  The event was attended by prominent personalities Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal, Shama Soni, Archana Agarwal, Annie Munjal, Rachna Kohli Sandhu, Preeti Ghai, Neeva Jain, Mrs Seema.


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