Zing celebrates atrangi achievements of 2020


Ever since 2020 has started, things have looked very different from any other year. The pandemic has managed to radically change some fundamental aspects of our lives. While the world focused on how people made it through this year, from news channels to social media everyone discussed how transformational 2020 has been for them. People shared their transformational stories, big milestones they experienced and being a changed person. Zing, through a quirky video with mother as the one who has witnessed it all shares how these achievements should be glorified as well.

The video has a fun take on how in day to day life, there were so many instances which are achievements in their own atrangi ways. Today’s youth is celebrating these in this video by sharing funny yet relatable instances. With a huge reliance on social media to keep in touch with family and friends, most of us have probably seen our phone time increase over the last few months. From having a great time with friends in the college campus to waking up just 5 minutes before the online class, or taking a power nap during the online class, the youth has come a long way in 2020. The video resonates with these sentiments of the youth and speaks their language.  We all have gone through this in 2020 and through this video Zing talks about how important it is to during lockdown and celebrate every unique achievement.

Here’s to all the atrangi achievements in 2020 which you will cherish forever and the year 2021 that we are really looking forward to.


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