IRIS Home Fragrances Crafts an Exclusive Collection #IRISforHer in Honor of Women’s Day!


Women’s Day approaches, IRIS Home Fragrances, a cherished lifestyle and wellness brand under the umbrella of the esteemed Cycle Pure Agarbathi, introduces #IRISforHer with two new fragrances, IRIS Bliss and IRIS Botanics.

celebrating the women in our lives. This heartfelt initiative encourages people to embrace the joy of gifting and spread delight to the remarkable women who bring light to our days.

In celebration of Women’s Day, IRIS Home Fragrances proudly presents The IRIS Bliss and Botanics. The IRIS Bliss features the enchanting IRIS Celeste Velvet Musk Fragrance, a delightful fusion of scents carefully selected to infuse your surroundings with comfort and happiness. IRIS Botanics offers a range of nature-inspired treasures, including scented candles, reed diffusers, a wax lantern candle, Potpourri, Votive candle, Reed Diffuser oil, Reed diffuser bottle, Reed Sticks, and Pillar candle. Each piece within the botanics collection is designed to bring the beauty of the natural world into your loved one’s home, instilling a feeling of serenity into your Women’s Day celebration.

Aroma Serenity Gift Box featuring Scented Candles and Wax Melts elevates beyond the mundane, embodying sophistication and premium quality. Similarly, the Roses and Reed Aroma Gift Box, complete with Heart Shaped Candles, symbolizes elegance and profound affection.

Mr Kiran Ranga, Managing Director, and Master Fragrance Creator, Ripple Fragrances, said, “Women’s Day fills us with immense joy, particularly at NR Group, where a majority of our workforce are women. Our mission at IRIS Home Fragrances is to craft extraordinary sensory journeys, providing products that bring delight and awe to every moment. With the introduction of the exquisite IRIS Bliss and IRIS Botanics, we aim to bring joy and happiness to the cherished women in our lives this Women’s Day.”

The Women’s Day exclusive fragrance range is available at IRIS Aroma Boutiques in Bengaluru and Mysuru and at The prices of this collection range starts from INR 99/-. The brand is offering discounts of up to 30% on its #IRISforHer product range.