Matrix Fight Night Unleashes Unforgettable Spectacle: A Night of Triumphs, Tenacity, and Terrific Fights!


Matrix Fight Night captured the hearts of thousands of spectators at the Noida Indoor Stadium on March 9, 2024. The electrifying event unfolded with intense clashes across various weight classes, solidifying Matrix Fight Night’s reputation as a premier platform for high-caliber MMA action.

Main Event: Sanjeet Budhwar Triumphs in Featherweight Clash

The Featherweight main event featured a riveting battle between Afghanistan’s Abdul Azim Badakhshi and India’s Sanjeet Budhwar. In a display of unparalleled skill and determination, Sanjeet Budhwar emerged victorious, captivating the audience with his stellar performance.

Co-Main Event: Chungreng Koren Secures Interim Bantamweight Belt

The co-main event witnessed an adrenaline-pumping showdown for the Interim Bantamweight belt between India’s Mohammed Farhad and Chungreng Koren. In a historic triumph, Chungreng Koren etched his name in MMA history, showcasing tenacity and skill.

Stacked Card Delivers Memorable Fights

Matrix Fight Night continued to enthrall the audience with a stacked card that featured remarkable performances in every bout:

Flyweight Showdown: ArsenbaOzukum faced off against Aminder Bisht, with Aminder Bisht claiming victory in a hard-fought battle.

Bantamweight Battle: Pravin Wagh and Balveer Singh Tomar engaged in a fierce contest, resulting in a well-deserved victory for Pravin Wagh.

Bantamweight Excellence:Sahil Rana showcased his skills against Chris ‘Tibs’ Tibenda, securing victory and earning accolades for his impressive performance.

– Lightweight Clash: Mohammed Azim Mokhlis and Owais Yaqoob delivered a thrilling Lightweight bout, culminating in Owais Yaqoob’s victorious moment.

Lightweight Duel: Owais Sarwar and Digamber Singh Rawat engaged in a battle of wits and strength in the Lightweight category.

Atomweight Showcase:Ishika Thite faced Tenzin Pema, with Ishika Thite emerging triumphant and leaving an indelible mark on the Atomweight division.

Bantamweight Confrontation: Kapil Kumar and Ajay Paya fought for supremacy, and Kapil Kumar secured a commanding victory.

Lightweight Showdown:SK Akib Ali and Neeraj Panghal locked horns in a Lightweight clash, with Neeraj Panghal emerging as the triumphant fighter.

Bantamweight Triumph: Dushyant showcased his skills against MairidinNewmai, securing a well-deserved victory and adding another chapter to his MMA journey.

Ayesha Shroff, Founder of Matrix Fight Night, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The level of talent on display tonight was truly awe-inspiring. Matrix Fight Night remained committed to providing a platform for fighters to shine and redefine the landscape of MMA.”

Krishna Shroff, Co-Founder of Matrix Fight Night, shared her sentiments, saying, “Every fighter brought their A-game, making each bout a spectacle. Matrix Fight Night continued to be a beacon for athletes, fostering a community dedicated to the spirit of competition.”


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