Arjun Bijlani, Aliya Hamidi starrer and Directed by Kamal Chandra’s soulful romantic song Noor Hi Noor now out


During the launch the lead startcast of the song including Arjun Bijlani, Aliya Hamidi, Director Kamal Chandra , Producer Deepak Kumar and song writer Rashid Khan were present at the event. During the launch of the song ‘Noor Hi Noor’. Actor Arjun Bijlani spoke about the song and sweet indecent on the set. He stated “Noor Hi Noor has something different. mostly I do song which has message but this one is truly special. We still have this taboo that if guy is divorcee and marrying again then its fine but if a girl divorcee then marrying her is not cool. Noor Hi Noor is an emotions for me. Actress Aliya Hamidi also shared her experience as she debuted with ‘Noor Hi Noor’ “It is my debut song it felt amazing Arjun Bijlani is my inspiration,he was contently cheering us with his smile. Noor Hi Noor was being shot during rain so we had faced many issue but eventually the journey was great and beautiful. Further Director Kamal Chandra also spoke to media He said ‘Hum Do Hamare Baarah’ got tremendous respond from you all now its time to shower equal love to the soulful song Noor Hi Noor.

The song has already started getting good responses from the audiences. People are loving and enjoying this music. 



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