WPL 2024: Wareham stresses on consistency as key ahead of Delhi leg after RCB’s dominating show at home


A packed Chinnaswamy Stadium gave Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) a rousing send off in their last home game of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 on Monday night, and Smriti Mandhana’s team acknowledged the loving cheers of their 12th Man Army with a victory lap after their win against UP Warriorz.

“The crowds are a massive win for us. I think it’s a little bit intimidating at first, but it’s nice knowing that they’re all cheering for us, which as an Australian being over here is a little bit different.“But, yeah, it’s like having a 12th man. They call it a 12th Man Army. So, yeah, it’s really special and I think having that noise is really cool for us and I think it brings us through big moments and, yeah, it sort of lifts the team when we need lifting,”

“More than anything, consistency. I think we’ve been a little bit up and down over the past five games. Travelling to Delhi, I think we’ve just got to be ready for anything when we get there and adapt and try and get there as fresh as we can. 

“Pez [Perry] also leads us in the fielding. I think the way that she’s sprinting across the ground the whole game is, yeah, I think easy for everyone else to follow on. I think when you’ve got fielders like that in the team to sort of just copy what they do is pretty easy for everyone else,” said Wareham.Wareham also spoke about how she was impressed by fellow leggie Asha Sobhana’s ability to soak up the pressure. “She’s super talented.


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